Many Neuropathy pain sufferers in Southern California are thrilled with our new, cutting-edge treatment.


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  • Are You in Pain?

    It is common for patients to experience the first symptoms in their extremities (hands, arms, legs and feet).


    Diabetes, Chemo Therapy, Medications, Alcohol, Auto Immune Conditions, Lack of Circulation, Nutritional Deficiences and Toxicants.


    What if there was a solution that may be able treat your neuropathy pain without drugs or surgery?


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  • Numbness or tingling in hands, arms, feet or legs?

  • Extreme sensitivity to touch?

  • Lack of coordination?

  • Sharp, jabbing, throbbing, freezing or burning pain?

  • Muscle weakness or paralysis?

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We have developed a unique clinical treatment that combines a drug-free, non-surgical approach with the most advanced NEUROPATHY PAIN RELIEF TECHNOLOGY available. Many patients are seeing great results, even those who have "tried everything" before.

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Our treatment works for a wide variety of conditions. If you are suffering from neuropathy, there may be hope! Schedule your Consultation today.

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    Do you have chronic neuropathy that you have been told you have to live with?


    Do you feel like you have tried everything possible, but haven't felt any results? Chiropractic care can help.


    Have you been told that surgery is your only option? We can eliminate pain and increase mobility, without drugs or surgery.

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There are many people in our area that still suffer with peripheral neuropathy. In this day and age there have been significant improvements in the pain management treatments in Arcadia we can offer. The past treatments for peripheral neuropathy revolved around medication, and many patients were left disappointed. It doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

At Caldero Chiropractic we have several advanced programs to help you turn this condition around. If you’re struggling with burning pain, tingling, numbness, or even a loss of feeling, call our office today to see what we can do for you. Our doctors will sit down with you to see if you are a good candidate for care. It’s a great day to start your new life.

Neuropathy in Arcadia

Symptoms of Neuropathy:

  • Loss of hot or cold sensation
  • Pins and needles feeling in your feet
  • Tingling or burning
  • Loss of feeling
  • Feet that are painful to touch
  • Restless legs
  • Feeling of ants crawling on your legs
  • Difficulty sleeping because of foot pain
  • Burning Pain
  • Sharp Electric Pain
  • Numbness
  • Leg Cramps
  • Numbness and Tingling in your feet
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Pain while you walk

Is Medication the Answer for Neuropathy?

Medication can be very helpful for a number of things. The problem is that medication is not generally designed to correct the cause of the problem. Common sense will tell you that if your treatment is not designed to correct the true problem, you’re likely to have disappointing results. In some cases, medication can actually cause new problems to develop in the body because of the many side effects. We know so much about the human body today. It’s time to move beyond treatments that mask your symptoms.

Is Neuropathy Stealing Your Happiness?

If you have neuropathy you understand how it can make you feel. Simple things like driving your car or taking a walk with a loved one can become painful and difficult tasks. When you start to lose the simple things in your life it can truly steal your happiness away.  Many of the patients we meet are in a state of slight depression, because they are not able to do the things they love. If you’re in this position take action. This is a problem that you can begin to change today.

Excellent Results: FDA Cleared Neuropathy Treatment

Our new Peripheral Neuropathy treatments succeed because we attack the problem at its source. Our combination of breakthrough technology along with advanced treatments provides your body with everything it needs to heal the damaged nerves. The majority of patients notice an improvement in their symptoms within their first few treatments. Our combination of treatments helps to restore, stabilize, and rebuild the nerves in your extremities. In many cases, the results also go beyond neuropathy and have been helpful for conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis, and MS.

When you’re deciding where you are going to go for treatment, it’s important to think about one thing. Is the treatment you’re receiving going to correct the cause of the problem, or is it designed to cover your symptoms? You see, a treatment that is designed to mask your symptoms will generally leave you disappointed in the end.

Are You a Candidate for Treatment?

In general, if you have pain in your hands, feet, or legs you may be a candidate for treatment. Each patient is evaluated by our team, on a one on one basis, to see if treatment is right for them. It’s important to note that our treatments are non-surgical, and require no prescription drugs. There is finally an answer that can produce long lasting results.

Why Choose Us?

At Caldero Chiropractic we believe that each patient is an individual. Our multi-disciplinary approach gives us the ability to custom fit our treatments to each patient. Our doctors will sit down with you on your first visit to determine the best treatment options for you.

We offer some of the most advanced non-surgical FDA approved treatments available today. It’s always our goal to focus on the cause of any condition we treat. Our patients expect the best, and we do everything we can to help them achieve their goals. We want you to have the ability to live your life to the fullest. Don’t let pain take that away from you.

Register for a complimentary new patient consultation today. The team at Caldero Chiropractic is here to help.


Chiropractic Arcadia CA Improved Mood

Improved Mood

Improve your overall health and regain your vitality for life.

Chiropractic Arcadia CA Reduced Medications

Reduced Medications

Medication and surgery don't have to be the answer.

Chiropractic Arcadia CA Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle

Stop wasting time in pain and get your active life back!



"I ACTUALLY SLEEP AT NIGHT! My feet used to get very cold at night and have poor feeling.  I saw the doctor and now my feet stay nice and warm and I have pretty good feeling.  I can sleep better at night and would recommend anyone with neuropathy to do the program."


"For 20 plus years I've had problems with my feet. They would become very numb and I would get sharp pain. I ended taking medications which did not cure me. With this treatment the changes for me have been dramatic and very measurable."


"When I first came here I was having a lot of stiffness and tingling in my feet and my balance was really bad.  That was my main concern - my balance. I can deal with my feet but I wanted to be able to walk down the road without staggering all around. With treatment, my balance has improved so much! I have definitely seen an improvement. I'm glad that I came and got treatment, because now I know I can get some help for my problem."


"My feet used to get very cold at night and have poor feeling.  I saw the doctor and now my feet stay nice and warm and I have pretty good feeling. I can sleep better at night and I would recommend anyone with neuropathy to do the treatment program."


"I was diagnosed with neuropathy and had numbness and tingling in my hands. And feet.  My doctors told me there was no treatment for neuropathy and I never questioned it.  After the course of neuropathy treatment, I have feeling again in my hands and feet, and they are much better now! If you're suffering with neuropathy, don't' wait, get the treatment you need today!"


"I had post-operative neuropathy after foot surgery and couldn't walk without pain or discomfort. I tired physical therapy and pain medicine and neither gave me much relief.  Now my feet feel great! I could feel a difference after the first treatment!"


"My feet were burning at night and I had to stick them out from under the blanket.  It was hard to stand in one place or walk. I was amazed after 30 days of treatment how much improvement I had. I would recommend to anyone that has foot problems to make an appointment. They can do wonders for your feet!"


"Prior to treatment when I would set down my legs they would start to tingle and go to sleep. This treatment has stopped the burning in my feet. It has been a miracle!  It's wonderful to sit down in the evening to read and not have my feet burning.  The treatment is so gentle and easy to deal with."


"What really got my attention was when my hands got so bad that I couldn't hold onto a golf club anymore.   Then I tripped and fell, injuring my neck because my balance was so bad.  I went to several neurologists, hospitals and my family doctor and none of them helped me. I had bad feet, bad hands, bad walking and pain all the time.   We attended a neuropathy seminar and learned a lot about my condition.  I told my wife that if I could just walk normally again, we could do things together. We had the treatments at the office and I'm walking much better than before and the pain in my hands and feet have improved greatly."


"I had numbness and tingling throughout my feet and lower legs, and sharp pain on my feet. Because of this, I couldn't bend my toes or stand and walk for any period of time.  I had catherization's in both legs, but this didn't help. I completed my neuropathy treatment and my pain is virtually gone!  I can now bend my toes and walk for longer period of time."


"My neuropathy was so bad I could not walk without burning in my left foot and a pricking feeling on the tops of my feet. I also had numbness on the soles of both feet.  I came for treatment after attending a neuropathy office seminar.  Now I feel much improved without many symptoms and can walk without discomfort!  If anyone feels they might have neuropathy, they should go to one of the Seminars.  If you qualify for treatment, I recommend that you take the treatments faithfully.  Before treatment, I had been taking Neurontin and now I'm completely off the medication!"


"After going through treatment my pain is 80% improved, and I can walk longer.   If you are suffering from peripheral neuropathy, don't delay. All you have to lose is the pain!"


"Before I was treated for neuropathy, I couldn't pick up my feet! My balance was so terrible I had to shuffle my feet. I had tried Neurontin, Lyrica and multiple other doctors without success. After the treatment, I can walk long distances, and would tell anyone suffering from neuropathy not to give up when other doctors disappoint you!"


"I used to have pain in my left leg and foot and couldn't stand without holding on to something.  After getting the treatment I now can walk without holding on to anything! The doctor is very good, go for the treatment!"


"I had gone to physical therapy and other doctors for my neuropathy, and they had given up on me.  Before I came to your office, I did not have any feelings in my toes, and I had severe pain in my legs and feet. Now my pain has gone down by 80% and I can feel my toes! The doctor and staff are wonderful and pleasant. Thank you so much for helping me!"


"Because of my neuropathy, I could not walk very long and had pain in the bottom of my feet and ankles. My family doctor put me on medication, but it didn't help. Now I feel absolutely great! I can walk longer and sleep much better."


"As a type 2 diabetic the biggest symptom was neuropathy in my feet.  It was quite terrible, and a life changing event. I couldn't participate in the activities that I normally do and it was unsettling. I went through the evaluation process, and my neuropathy was pretty far along.  It just confirmed what I pretty much knew - I was in bad shape.  The course of treatment was recommended to me, I followed it and in three months I'm happy to tell you I can participate in the activities I was missing before! I can get through a day of work without the terrible pain. It's amazing!  I'm pleased to say It was worth the effort!  If you have neuropathy, act on it! It's a terrible affliction, it brings you down.  Seek treatment, get some answers."