Chiropractic Testimonials

"I work heavy construction and injured my shoulder while working. Although the pain was severe, I was still forced to continue to work. I went and saw my family doctor and all he said was “rest your shoulder and take these meds”. Needless to say, it didn’t help. Amazingly, after just one visit with Dr. Caldero I feel 50% better. It’s now been just two visits I feel about 80% improved. Thank you Dr. Caldero for allowing me to once again to function at work."

- Jimmy V.

"I’ve been suffering from back pain for the last few years and nothing seems to help. I tried acupuncture, massage and stretching with no improvement. After one session with Dr. Caldero I finally got relief and feel so much better. He also instructed me in diet and nutrition to help maintain my results. I highly recommend Dr. Caldero if you are suffering from any kind of neck or back pain."

- Eric C.

"The last several years have been agony for me. I suffered from chronic pain throughout my body. Some mornings I felt like I just could not get out bed. I dreaded having to go to work. I thought there was no hope except drugs and medication which did nothing for me except make me dizzy and nauseous. After working with Dr. Caldero for several weeks I feel much improved and continue to get better. Thank you Dr. Caldero for giving me my life back!"

- Tony W.

"I recently was suffering from a really bad stiff neck, the pain was so bad that I didn't go to work because it was causing a horrible headache with dizziness and nausea. From just 1 adjustment from Dr. Caldero I felt instant relief. That was the best adjustment I have ever received. Dr. Caldero takes the time to make sure that you are indeed feeling better. What chiropractor would spend more then 10 minutes with you on an adjustment let alone 15 minutes???? The only one I know is Dr. Caldero. Generally when I have gone to other chiropractors in the past they would only do a quick adjustment and recommend that you come back for 6 plus sessions just to alleviate that one issue, but Dr. Caldero makes it his mission to correct the problem and make sure you leave with your full spine aligned and feeling AMAZING! I have continued to get adjustments from Dr. Caldero since and he has to be the best chiropractor I have ever experienced.  I would highly recommend Dr. Caldero to everyone. Thank you so much Dr. Caldero!"

- Tina D.

"I have known Dr. Caldero for about 8 plus years and recently I saw that he had a new therapy for "Body Slimming", I have always wanted to try something for my weight but never trusted anyone. Since I have known him for a time and trust him I decided to give it a try. I have done 10 treatments and notice a huge difference! I am so excited to continue these sessions with my journey for weight loss. I had considered liposuction and possibly surgery but am super afraid of the side effects and especially the cost. This powerful therapy has changed my life. I was tired all the time and would make excuses to not work out every morning. These contouring sessions have given me that extra boost that I needed to make better life decisions with better food choices and physical activity. I feel like a different person and I feel so much better about myself not to mention an abundance of energy. I am so happy that I finally found something that works for me and it is non-evasive. Thank you Dr. Caldero and staff!"

- Christina C.

"I’ve had diabetes most of my adult life. In the last few years or so my feet had become a real problem to me with severe debilitating pain that felt like my feet were on fire! At times, I could not even handle the weight of a blanket on my feet. Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep, walk or even stand. At the same time, I also had developed diabetic ulcerations on my feet that further complicated my situation. After about three months of treatment with Dr. Caldero, my pain was about 90% improved and my foot ulcerations have all healed up! The healing that tool place was truly miraculous. Even my own personal physician was shocked by the improvement. I would highly recommend anyone with Peripheral Neuropathy or other foot related problems to see Dr. Caldero. It will literally change your life!"

- Maria L.


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